About Us

Where your child is our number one priority.

We’re a family owned and operated childcare centre located in Bowral, with long operating hours, providing your child with the best early learning development and education, social skills and a nurturing approach to their overall progress in preparation for kindergarten.

Our Learning Environment

Bowral Street Childcare provides extended hours to suit your busy work life.  We offer a homely environment, loving care, and an educational program to children aged 18 months to 6 years. We take pride in providing a space that allows for the growth of your children and an overall nurturing and encouraging lifestyle for them to grow up in. Our centre provides your children with plenty of outdoor playing space and room to explore with their friends.

The indoor learning rooms are designed specifically for each stage of your child’s growth and development and they allow for your children to move through each room as they grow up. Our rooms are well equipped with a variety of resources for learning and play. We strive for a positive learning environment and we’re a thriving centre with an excellent reputation and lifestyle that we’ve built in the Southern Highlands.


Our program

We believe in interest based learning here at Bowral Street Childcare and we have implemented this mode of education in our programs making them age appropriate and play orientated.

Our programs cater to the current interests and abilities of all children; this assists in empowering children to view themselves as successful, capable and competent learners. In addition to this, we’ve adopted some home-based principles from the Reggio Emilia approach, to support children to understand and contribute to their daily routines at home. 

At Bowral Street Childcare, children are engaged in a variety of experiences, which include opportunities to explore and discover their environment, work together, problem solve, engage in sensory play, engage on their own or with educators, and participate in quiet or vigorous experiences. 

When we are outside, children play with children of all ages, we call this family grouping. It’s lovely to see the diversity of friendships that develop; young children look up to and learn from the older children and the older children develop care and compassion for those who are younger. When we are inside, children are separated into their rooms where they are grouped age appropriately. Bowral Street Childcare has two separate rooms, the Juniors Room and the Preschool Room. This enables us to provide a routine and educational program that is appropriate to children’s age and emotional development.

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Early Years Learning Framework

Our experienced educators use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) outcomes to guide their planning and offer excellent educational programs for all children. We identify each child’s strengths and interests, choose teaching and learning strategies and design appropriate learning environments to suit the individual child. Our school readiness program is also based on the EYLF and includes the practice of a range of skills that children commonly learn in Kindergarten, with the intention of easing them into their transition to school and we’ve received positive feedback from many teachers as a result of this program.

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Extra-Curricular Experiences

In addition to the children’s play and intentional teaching, we offer children a wide range of enjoyable activities and experiences; we have quite a few special guests who visit our centre to support our educational program. These include the Matilda Farmyard Nursery, Reptile Man, a magician, a puppet show, community members who visit us for ‘People who help us’ week, a soccer coach, karate instructor, etc. We also currently teach the children Japanese and have previously taught Spanish; thanks to the skills of our wonderful Educators.

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OWNA Digital Software

All of our children’s learning is documented on our OWNA Digital Software for their parents to view and keep up to date with their education. This is readily available to all parents via the OWNA App, web portal and in our monthly newsletters. We encourage families to contribute to our program regularly through our Educators’ program and daily records, through spontaneous experiences and guest visits, and by offering ideas and suggestions for activities.

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